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6th International Workshop on

Multi-Carrier Spread Spectrum
MC-SS, MC-CDMA, OFDM, and related topics
MC-SS 2007

May 07-09, 2007
Herrsching, Germany

Wrap up

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of MC-SS 2007!

  • The MC-SS 2007 proceedings can be purchased at Springer, see Springer

Call for Participation:

The success of next generation (beyond 3G) wireless systems will depend on the concepts and technology innovations in architecture and in efficient utilization of the allocated spectrum. Developments of digital communication systems in the past decades have enabled the introduction of efficient modulation and coding techniques for robust and spectrally efficient data, speech, audio and video transmission. Among these are multi-carrier modulation (e.g., OFDM), spread spectrum signalling (e.g., DS-CDMA), and their combination, called multi-carrier spread spectrum (MC-SS), which are considered as potential candidates for the beyond 3G technology. Therefore, the 6th International Workshop on Multi-Carrier Spread Spectrum will be focused on (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Broadband beyond 3G cellular systems based on multi-carrier modulation (OFDM), spread spectrum techniques (DS-CDMA) and combinations of both (MC-SS, MC-CDMA, MC-DS-CDMA), covering access/distribution, mobile/fixed, and outdoor/indoor applications;
  • Efficient coding, modulation, multiplexing, and detection strategies;
  • Low-complexity joint detection and interference cancellation techniques;
  • Space-time coding/MIMO/smart antennas in conjunction with multi-carrier systems;
  • Synchronization and channel estimation;
  • Cell- and frequency planning aspects;
  • Realization and implementation issues.

Keynote Speakers:
Fumiyuki Adachi (Japan)Joachim Hagenauer (Germany)
Ralf Koetter (Germany)Marc Moeneclaey (Belgium)
Li Ping (Hong Kong)Ramjee Prasad (Denmark)
Hikmet Sari (France)

Tutorial on MC-CDMA:on May 07 in the morning
Regular sessions:on May 07-09
Research and Industry Exhibitions:on May 07-09

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In the registration fee for the workshop are included: Proceedings, coffee breaks, lunches, social event*. Please register for the workshop by using the following links:

on or before March 01, 2007after March 01, 2007
Full 390€ 480€
Student** 320€ 350€
Tutorial 50€ 50€

* Additional Banket Tickets can be purchased directly at the workshop for 80€. The ticket has to be paid in cash.
** For the student registration fee, the participant must prove its full time student status, by sending a copy of the student card or a letter from the university stating the full time student status.

Special Issue of the ETT:

Published special edition on MC-SS of the European Transactions on Telecommunications (ETT) from the MC-SS 2005, see ETT, Volume 17, Issue 6 (November/December 2006)

General Co-Chairs:

Armin Dammann
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
E-mail: Armin Dammann

Stefan Kaiser
DoCoMo Euro-Labs, Germany
E-mail: Stefan Kaiser

Khaled Fazel
Ericsson GmbH, Germany
E-mail: Khaled Fazel

Technical Program Committee Members:

Y. Bar-Ness (USA)
G. P. Fettweis (Germany)
G. B. Giannakis (USA)
S. Hara (Japan)
H. Imai (Japan)
K. D. Kammeyer (Germany)
A. Klein (Germany)
W. Koch (Germany)
W. A. Krzymien (Canada)
J. Lindner (Germany)
U. Mengali (Italy)
L. B. Milstein (USA)
M. Moeneclaey (Belgium)
W. Mohr (Germany)
M. Nakagawa (Japan)
S. Pasupathy (Canada)
S. Plass (Germany)
R. Prasad (Denmark)
M. Renfors (Finland)
H. Rohling (Germany)
H. Sari (France)
M. Sawahashi (Japan)
M. Sternad (Sweden)
R. E. Ziemer (USA)

Call for Papers:

Download Call for Papers...

History of MC-SS Workshop:

Here you can find an overview of the MC-SS Workshops of the last decade

Workshop Secretariat:

Jutta Uelner
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Institute of Communications and Navigation
D-82234 Wessling/Oberpfaffenhofen

Tel.: +49 8153 28 2834
Fax: +49 8153 28 1871
E-mail: Jutta Uelner

DLR Communications Institute

Technical Organization:

Simon Plass
Tel.: +49 8153 28 2874
Fax: +49 8153 28 1871
E-mail: Simon Plass

Author:  Christian Mensing     Last change:  May 2007